Software Applications: Wan Optimization Platforms

Flexible, integrated business and branch office network appliances delivering improved Cloud and data application performance for an improved end-user experience … Delivered by service providers.

Businesses increasingly depend on IT to access a broad range of critical applications, hosted centrally in private and public Cloud environments.  Companies must also keep pace with the growing range of devices for connecting people quickly and reliably across diverse locations.  For businesses this has created greater IT complexity and new operational challenges.

In particular, existing bandwidth limits, as well as the network latency effects seen on remote, wireless and satellite-based VPN links and secondary/back-up connections, have led to reduced application performance and a degraded user experience.  To avoid disruptions, businesses, in partnership with satellite and terrestrial network service providers, need an effective way of delivering LAN-like performance to employees, regardless of location and network connection type. OneAccess’ WAN Optimization Appliances Our complete and versatile range of WAN optimization solutions, either integrated into a multi-service router or as standalone appliances, enables satellite and terrestrial service providers to offer SMBs, Enterprises and their remote offices a better user experience for their privately and publicly hosted Cloud and data applications.  Using our intelligent, application-aware solutions service providers can give businesses accelerated and prioritized data access for improved performance of critical applications, in a simple and cost effective manner.

  • Features

  • WAN Optimization Platforms

    •     Acceleration management for flows of 10-800 Mbps;
    •     250 – 12.000 TCP sessions
    •     Visibility and control management for flows of 20-1.000 Mbps
    •     Selected platforms offer secure IP routing and accelerated VPN concentration


    WAN Optimization – Acceleration and compression functions:

    •    Provides LAN-like speeds by accelerating VPN over public, private and satellite networks
    •    Compression and de-duplication of redundant data
    •    Web content caching


    APM – Visibility and control functions:

    •     Deep Packet Inspection for application recognition
    •     Prioritization of network flows according to application
    •     Traffic probes enable network troubleshooting analysis and drill-down reporting


Product Advantage

Our full range of intelligent, all-in-one WAN optimization solutions offer service providers and their business clients a number of key advantages:

For SMBs, Enterprises and Branch Offices:

Quicker user access to critical hosted and Cloud applications
Provide improved application performance through traffic prioritization according to business requirements, packaged in a range of affordable and easy-to-deploy integrated or purpose-built solutions, for SMBs, Enterprises and branch offices.

LAN-like speeds over the WAN
Provide quicker WAN user speeds through content-aware detection and elimination of repeated data in common business application, including e-mail, file transfers and Windows file exchange.

Greater WAN transmission efficiency
Based on back-to-back tests, using advanced compression and acceleration techniques, our WAN Optimization solutions deliver up to 25% more data throughput compared to leading competitors’ solutions.

Combined WAN acceleration and visibility functions
A single platform identifies and resolves application performance issues thanks to our advanced visibility and control capabilities, delivering accelerated WAN performance.

For Service Providers:

Compact, all-in-one WAN optimization and application performance solutions
A full range of WAN optimization solutions delivering traffic compression and acceleration and application performance management, all in a single, easy-to-manage device.

DSL-like speeds for satellite and wireless-based services
Traffic acceleration and compression boosts network performance of satellite and wireless-based IP-VPNs, back-up and off-load services.

Deliver business applications with end-to-end SLA guarantees
Leverage new revenue opportunities from guaranteed, priority application services (e.g. IP Voice, media streaming, e-mail, business process applications, etc.) including advanced performance analysis and detailed client troubleshooting reports.

Easy platform set-up and management
The OneAccess WAN optimization platforms feature automatic set-up, configuration and remote monitoring and management capabilities, paving the way for managed services.

Improve user satisfaction and loyalty among business clients
A complete set of managed business WAN optimization services deliver an improved end-user experience, leading to higher satisfaction customers.


A high-performance, integrated WAN optimization appliance, secure router with VPN providing increased business and Cloud application performance to business headquarters and large remote offices connected over satellite.


A powerful, fully integrated, carrier-grade WAN optimization server, secure router with VPN capabilities, providing accelerated business and Cloud application performance to business data centers.