Software Applications: Service Assurance and Performance Suite

A comprehensive service provider WAN optimization suite for delivering a higher-quality managed services’ user-experience.


The growing use of hosted and Cloud applications over a range of devices connected to both private and public networks has boosted traffic and network complexity everywhere.  This increased network congestion has led to a noticeably deteriorated end-user experience: slow and unreliable access to critical business applications; choppy voice and video communications; delays in sending and receiving important files and data, or simply unacceptable application downtime.  Unfortunately, standard service provider network SLAs usually stop at the business site-level, failing to address the end-to-end user experience.

To provide a higher-quality service, focused on the end-user experience, service providers need the ability to identify and isolate any network issues, wherever they may arise, and address them with complete certainty.

OneAccess Service Assurance and Performance Suite

The OneAccess service assurance and performance suite offers service providers the ability to easily and quickly see how their business clients’ applications are performing over the network, both public and private.  Using real-time application usage data and sophisticated testing, analysis and reporting tools, service providers gain valuable insights into performance levels and issues as well as the ability to identify and isolate WAN issues in order to deliver a noticeably improved end-user service experience.

  • Features

    • Service performance monitoring and reporting functions:
      • Monitor network usage from the end-user perspective – identify usage issues, isolate bottlenecks, restore acceptable service-levels
      • Get real-time visibility into network and application QoS, including by differentiated user services (e.g. hosted business applications, real-time communications, data services, ect).

      Other key features

      • Graphical, web-based KPI reports, including site and application-level views and real-time alarms
      • Simultaneously monitor up to 3000 network devices

Product Advantage

The service assurance and performance suite provides service providers and their business clients with several key advantages:

For SMBs and Enterprise Branch Offices:

Quickly resolve application and WAN performance issues in real-time
Using dashboard and drill-down capabilities, business IT managers can promptly identify, isolate and resolve performance issues and restoring normal services, thus freeing up time for other activities.

Optimize IT resources according to business priorities
By allocating IT and WAN resources according to critical business needs, the users’ quality of experience can be improved without the need to spend more on additional WAN bandwidth or other resources.

Ensure the normal speed of business operations, improving users’ satisfaction
By eliminating bottlenecks and reducing incident rates, employees and other end-users can use critical business applications as expected, ensuring that operations run smoothly without delays.

For Service Providers:

Manage service staffing and bandwidth allocation more effectively
The OneAccess service assurance and performance suite enables service providers to effectively manage WAN resources based on real-time usage information. This helps optimize service and operations staffing as well as allocated bandwidth.

Improve client satisfaction by clearly delivering on a guaranteed user experience
Provide data-driven client assurance for service delivery commitments as measured through SLA-driven reports on the user experience of critical business applications.

Control service operations costs through improved efficiency
Reduce resolution time for service troubleshooting and restoration, while minimizing the likelihood of any financial penalties for not respecting committed SLAs.

Tap into new revenue opportunities for differentiated services
With the enhanced intelligence provided by the OneAccess service assurance and performance suite, service providers gain the ability to easily mitigate most performance issues associated with Cloud services. This opens up the path to deliver additional, SLA-based business applications and data services to SMBs and Enterprise branch sites.


An enhanced, enterprise communication software package enabing service providers to deliver integrated, IP-PBX services and basic unified communications to SMBs and branch offices.

  • Managed IP PBX features, incl. voice mail, auto-attendant and a range of professional calling features
  • Provides one-number, dual-phone mobile integration
  • Offers basic unified communications in Windows PC environments
  • Supports conventional and IP handsets
  • Automated installation, configuration and upgrades
  • Compatible with leading IP handsets and network application servicers
  • Designed for OneOS-based voice and data MSARs

Download the IBC Datasheet


An advanced, software-based, managed security suite for OneAccess routers, providing state-of-the-art protection for SMB and branch office sites.

  • Zone-based firewalls for stronger protection against unauthorized access
  • Enhanced VPN capabilities: EZ-VPN, Get-VPN. Supports Microsoft and remote/home-based users.
  • Offers remote installation and management, making it more cost-effective to operate than dedicated security appliances
  • Integration into existing NOC environment
  • Compatible with OneOS-based routers

Download the ASIP Datasheet


A simple and cost-effective, software-based enterprise SBC application for SIP-based service connectivity to SMBs, ensuring trouble free operation of their SIP-Centrex and SIP-trunking services.

  • Provides both SIP Centrex and SIP Trunking support; including plug-and-play configuration
  • Support for up to 300 SIP-phones / 150 simultaneous calls
  • Offers calling QoS, security and site-level disaster recovery capabilities
  • Reduced cost of ownership through its integrated, software-based design and remote installation and maintenance capabilities
  • Designed for OneOS-based voice and data MSARs

Download the ONeSBC Datasheet

NetAPM & NetControl

Application Visibility for monitoring application traffic and Control for mission-critical application prioritization and improved user experience

  • Prioritization of business-critical Applications
  • SLA enabler for Hosted Applications
  • High Performance Deep Packet Inspection
  • User-fairness mitigates the impact of best effort or recreational traffic
  • Integrated Solution, based on Open Standards
  • Available with platforms running OneOS v5.1, v5.2 and v6.0

Download the NetAPM & NetControl Datasheet