Small Businesses & Branch Offices

Multi-service Voice and Data Routers: Small Businesses & Branch Offices

Smart, all-in-one Cloud-ready Voice and Data routers  for small businesses & branch office. …Managed by service providers


To succeed in today’s market, small businesses, enterprise branch offices and their remote workers need secure and reliable access to many of the same enterprise-class communications and collaboration capabilities as more established firms and central offices, but in a way that makes sense bearing in mind existing equipment levels, more limited budgets and available ICT resources. A flexible, easy-to-use, all-in-one IP-voice and data routing platform delivering the right mix of managed services from a trusted service provider partner in an attractive option.

OneAccess’ Multi-service Voice and Data Routers

The OneAccess multi-service voice and data router family enables service providers to easily provide small businesses and branch offices of up to 50 users with the latest IP-based professional voice and data communications over a range of connectivity options, with integrated security, all in one single robust and cost-efficient service delivery platform.

  • Features

    • User services:  Legacy, ISDN, IP hosted/managed business telephony, managed broadband data, VPN | Optional – IP Fax/Modem
    • User range: 2-50 users; 1-16 voice channels
    • OS: OneOS
    • Network access: ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL2, G.SHDSL, Fast Ethernet over fiber/copper/bonded copper/ (according to model)
    • User access: 2-4 LAN 10/100/1000 BaseT, 4 LAN 1000 BaseT  |  Optional – 2-16 BRI, Wifi 802.11b/g/n
    • LAN performance: 80 000 – 133 000 pps
    • Routing/Switching: IP NAT/NAPT, Gigabit Ethernet
    • Security: Firewall with stateful packet inspection, IP-Sec
    • WAN Connectivity: VoIP SIP, BRI/PRI, IP-VPN, IP-Sec, Easy / Get VPN,
    • Optional software: IP-PBX call manager, eSBC SIP connectivity, advanced security services
    • Management: Industry-standard CLI
    • QoS: IP DiffServ, CBQ

The OneAccess all-in-one, multi-service voice and data routers offer several integrated advantages to service providers looking to address the small business and branch office segment:

For Small Businesses and Branch Offices:

  • Integrated business voice and data services

The latest, standard-based ip voice and data communications, VPN, routing and security delivered using a single platform designed for up to 50 fixed and mobile users.

  • Give all employees a secure and seamless service experience

Built in firewalls and connectivity options to easily connect remote users over secure pathways to their regular office work environment.

  • Flexible connectivity options

A full range of connectivity speeds and types (xDSL, Ethernet over copper/bonded copper/fiber), and LAN-side interfaces (VoIP, ISDN, analogue, WLAN) to easily accommodate all types of network and user scenarios.

  • Professional, WAN-optimized service experience

Enterprise-class communication services offering WAN optimization-based SLAs for a higher quality of experience across the complete office network environment.

For Service Providers:

  • A complete and cost-effective, small business and branch proposition

An all-inclusive, IP-based communications switching/routing platform to create competitive and cost-efficient service offers and develop customer loyalty among small businesses and branch offices.

  • A single, flexible managed services-driven operating system

A common, rich services environment supporting all legacy and IP communication services. A standards-based CLI, remote service provisioning and advanced management capabilities (e.g. supervision, SLA monitoring, troubleshooting) are included, paving the way for profitable managed service offers.

  • Optimized, Cloud-ready service design

A flexible voice and data routing platform with multi-access (xDSL, bonded copper, fiber), security and SLA capabilities to offer a simple migration path from legacy to hosted / Cloud services.

  • Lower operation and maintenance costs

Reduced lifetime costs through factory-staging, certified interoperability and remote SW upgrades for zero-touch deployment, together with a high-reliability design.


A versatile and cost-effective communications routing platform for enterprise locations up to 60 seats needing a mix of traditional and IP telephony and secure high-speed data over VDSL2.


A professional, communications platform for small businesses and branch offices requiring a mix of traditional and IP telephony and secure high-speed data. Services delivered over very high-speed DSL networks.