Ucomms is a service driven organization which prides itself on providing outstanding customer support to all it clients.

The services rendered are as follows:

Pre-sales support on projects where we work closely with clients in a partnership approach in designing value added products for their end clients. Support in identifying and exploiting potential source of revenue based on the OneAccess Platform for our clients which results in our clients having a large TCO reduction.

TAC 2 technical support is offered on all OneAccess devices locally and TAC 3 is via our support Team at OneAccess.

Designing of solutions with detailed configuration template and POC’s are offered to our clients.

Limited 1 year hardware warranty

Our products are guaranteed against material defects and faulty workmanship for 1 year after purchase for the One Series MSAR platforms; Faulty products are repaired within a reasonable time frame.

Software updates and maintenance

Software updates for installed versions of OneOS (MSAR), TDRE (EAD,TDM Routers), OneProvisio server and other standard software , enhancement to CPE functionalities and bug-fixes
All specific software-related issues are addressed on a case-by-case basis, with updates provided when available.

Extranet client support

Single-point of contact for all hardware and software issues; Track product repairs and returns. Access technical documentation, releases note alert bulletins and software downloads