Medium-Size Businesses & Regional Offices

Multi Service Voice and Data Routers: Medium-Size Businesses & Regional Offices

Scalable, high-performance integrated IP communications platforms for medium businesses and regional offices …Delivered by service providers.

To remain competitive, today’s mid-size and enterprise regional offices require assured, high-performance access to the same enterprise-class communication and collaboration capabilities as their larger counterparts, while retaining the flexibility to adapt to changing user devices, evolving needs and growth, all in a cost-effective way.  This requires scalable and high-performance, integrated voice and data platforms capable of handling a mix of legacy, managed and hosted telephony services, as well as secure, high-speed access to data and Cloud services delivered by their service provider partners.

OneAccess’ Multi-service Voice and Data Routers. The OneAccess mid-size business multi-service voice and data router family enables service providers to deliver the right mix of legacy and professional, IP-based voice and data communication services over a range of high-speed networks to medium-size businesses and regional offices of up to 300 users.  This, together with secure and integrated routing capabilities in one scalable, high-capacity and reliable service platform.

  • Features

    • User services: Legacy, ISDN, IP hosted/managed business telephony, managed broadband data, VPN
    •  User range: 20-300 users; 16-60 voice channels
    •  OS: OneOS
    •  Network access: Ethernet over fiber/copper/bonded copper, G.SHDSL (according to model)
    •  User access: 4 LAN 10/100/1000 BaseT  |  Optional – 1-2 PRI, 8 BRI, Wifi 802.11b/g/n
    •     LAN performance: 180 000 pps
    •     Routing/Switching: IP NAT/NAPT, Gigabit Ethernet
    •     Security:  Firewall with stateful packet inspection
    •     WAN Connectivity : VoIP SIP, IP-VPN, IP-Sec, Easy / Get VPN
    •     Optional software: IP-PBX call manager, eSBC SIP connectivity, advanced security services
    •     Management: Industry-standard CLI
    •     QoS: IP DiffServ, CBQ

Product Advantage

Our fully integrated, multi-service voice and data routers offer various advantages to service providers looking to deliver the right mix of legacy and IP-based communications to mid-size and regional offices:

For Mid-Size and Regional Offices:

  • Enterprise-class, unified voice and data services

The latest, standards-based IP voice and data communications,VPN,routing and security delivered using a    single platform serving up to 300 or more fixed and mobile users.

  • Common secure end-user service experience

Built-in firewalls and connectivity options to easily connect teleworkers and mobile users over secure pathways to their regular office work environment.

  • Fits all enterprise connection scenarios

A full range of high-speed connectivity (G.SHDSL, Ethernet over copper/bonded copper/fiber) and customer-side interfaces (Voip, ISDN, analogue,WLAN) to easily accomodate all types of networks and user scenarios.

  • Professional, managed application performance for a better service experience

Advanced visibility and control capabilities deliver application-based SLAs for a higher quality user experience.

For Service Providers:

  • Integrated commercial services platform for medium-sized businesses and regional offices.

A versatile, enterprise-class communications switching/routing platform for mid-size firms and enterprise regional offices, acting as an application delivery platform to easily facilitate the delivery of additional services.

  • A unique, robust managed/hosted services-driven OS environment

All OneAccess routers are based on OneOs, a rich services environment supporting both legacy and IP communication services. It offers an industry-standard CLI, while enabling remote service provisioning and advanced management capabilities (e.g. supervision, SLA monitoring, quick troubleshooting, provisioning), creating the opportunity for the delivery of extremely cost-efficient hosted/managed services.

  • High-performance, Cloud-ready service design

A flexible routing platform with multiple, high-speed access interfaces (G.SHDSL, Ethernet over copper/bonded copper, fiber), Security and differentiated SLA capabilities to offer an effective migration path from DSL to fiber-speed hosted / Cloud services.

  • Reduced total cost of ownership

Reduced lifetime costs through factory-staging, certified interoperability with leading MSAR, zero-touch deployment, remote maintenance and SW upgrades and a high-reliability design, for deployments at any scale.


A versatile, integrated business communications platform providing classic, IP or Cloud telephony, unified communications and secure broadband connectivity to small to mid-size businesses and regional offices. Supports fiber or high-speed DSL networks. G.SDHSL interface includes auto-detection of multi-line pairs. An optional VDSL/ADSL interface for smooth migration to fiber speeds.


A high-capacity, high-performance, integrated business communications platform for mid-size business and regional offices requiring a mix of classic, IP or Cloud telephony and unified communication along with secure, reliable broadband business data. Services delivered over fiber or high-speed DSL networks. An optional VDSL/ADSL interface for smooth migration to fiber speeds.