Medium-Size Businesses & Regional Offices

Multi Service Data Routers and EADs: Medium-Size Businesses & Regional Offices

Powerful, scalable and intelligent Cloud-ready data routers and EADs for medium-size businesses & regional offices. … Delivered by service providers.


Public and private data networks have transformed the way that companies do business.  As a business grows, so does its reliance on IT, enterprise platforms and applications, both hosted on premises and externally within the Cloud.  As the engine of most economies, mid-size businesses need secure, reliable and scalable network access to run smoothly that allow for growth.  To quickly and easily adapt to changing business needs in today’s unpredictable world, organizations require extra flexibility and cost-control capabilities in all their ICT investment and external managed services partnerships.

OneAccess’ Multi-service Data Routers and EADs

With the OneAccess mid-size business routers and EAD ranges, service providers can deliver a high-quality, high-performance, yet agile user-experience for data routing and Cloud access.  The multi-service routers provide a range of flexible, differentiated services, serving up to 500 employees (or more) with integrated IP/Ethernet services, over a full range of access networks.  They also include embedded security and dynamic QoS capabilities in a single, powerful and scalable service platform with an extensive selection of built-in cost control features.

  • Features

    • User services:  Secure and scalable broadband and Cloud-service access
    •     User range: 50-500 users
    •     OS: OneOS (MSAR), TDRE (EAD)
    •     Network access: Ethernet over copper/bonded copper/fiber, G.SHDSL (according to model)
    •     User access: 4 LAN 10/100/1000 BaseT | Optional Wifi 802.11b/g/n
    •     LAN performance: 200 000 – 600 000 pps MSAR; 1 500 000 pps EAD
    •     Routing/Switching: IP NAT/NAPT, Gigabit Ethernet
    •     Security: Firewall with stateful packet inspection
    •     IP-VPN, IP-Sec, Easy / Get VPN (MSAR); E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree (EAD)
    •     Optional software: AppInside, PacketSmart, NetBooster, ASIP (MSAR)
    •     Management: Industry-standard CLI (MSAR)
    •     QoS: IP DiffServ (MSAR); Built-in performance monitoring (EAD)

The all-in-one, multi-service data routers and EADs offer several advantages to service providers looking to help medium businesses and regional offices securely and flexibly accelerate their business communications:

For Medium-Size Businesses and Regional Offices:

A complete, high-performance managed data and Cloud access platform
Professionally managed IP/Ethernet access to broadband, WAN and Cloud services, including integrated switching/routing functions, VPN, security and SLA-based services from a single platform, serving up to 500 onsite and offsite users.

A powerful, flexible and secure enterprise networking environment
Built-in firewall and connectivity options to easily connect teleworkers and remote users with scalable, secure connections to their regular office network environment.

Flexible WAN choices
Multiple access options (Ethernet over copper/bonded copper/fiber, G.SHDSL), and customer-side interfaces (Ethernet, WLAN) to offer the fastest, most reliable network services to all enterprise users.

Deliver business voice, video and other real-time services at scale
Differentiated data communication services enhanced with WAN optimized SLAs to reliably deliver a variety of high-quality, real-time multimedia services with to all employees as the business grows.

For Service Providers:

All-in-one, medium-size business and regional office managed data proposition
Comprehensive IP/Ethernet switching/routing platforms for delivering a complete set of enterprise data service offers, while providing additional cross and up-selling opportunities.

Flexible and scalable managed services-driven operating environment
A common, rich services environment supporting differentiated SLA-based hosted / managed data services.  A standards-based CLI, remote service provisioning and advanced management capabilities (e.g. supervision, SLA monitoring, troubleshooting) are included, paving the way for fully managed service offers.

Reliable and secure delivery gateway for virtualized, public and private enterprise Cloud services
A powerful and secure routing platform including traffic shaping for differentiated SLAs to enable companies to quickly and easily tap into a range of hosted services with peace of mind.

Reduced total cost of ownership
Reduced service-related lifetime costs through factory-staging, certified interoperability and remote SW upgrades with zero-touch deployment, together with a high-reliability design.


A powerful and versatile Ethernet Access Device designed to deliver Gigabit Carrier Ethernet Services to medium businesses and regional offices over Fiber.


A powerful and versatile Ethernet Access Device designed to deliver Gigabit Carrier Ethernet Services to medium businesses and regional offices over Fiber. Optional SHDSL.bis, VDSL2 or LTE interfaces for backup.


‘A flexible, integrated router and secure Cloud services gateway delivering high fiber-speed price/performance to small to mid-size firms, with high availability LTE back-up service of DSL and fiber access.


Our sub-rate Gigabit IP router & Cloud services gateway designed to serve the most demanding medium businesses and regional offices with the best quality, available with AppInside for running 3rd party application.


A compact Gigabit IP router & Cloud services gateway offering 150 Mbps performance over fiber or copper connectivity and optional LTE wireless WAN.


High-performance Gigabit router designed for headquarters, the distributed enterprise and small datacenters.