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Multi Service Data Routers and EADs: Headquarters & Campus

High-Speed managed services with OneAccess Gigabit Enterprise multi-service routers


The recent release of our Gigabit enterprise routers marks an important milestone for OneAccess Networks, as we continue on the path of designing, developing and bringing to market innovative multi-service routing platforms focused on the needs of service providers. Designed to satisfy the high-speed managed service demands of Enterprise and Campus customers The OneAccess Gigabit enterprise routers have been purpose-built to enable service providers to offer enterprise and campus clients a set of compact, yet powerful, enterprise routing platforms. These high-performance, managed multi-service routers are designed to deliver a full range of corporate IT and networking services at fiber-speeds. This includes secure Cloud service access, improved application performance and more, all in a single, integrated device, offering significantly greater cost-efficiency than alternative solutions. Offering service providers a high-performance, managed Enterprise CPE-solution, with outstanding cost-efficiency

The OneAccess Gigabit Enterprise multi-service routers have been designed with several unique capabilities enabling service providers to more profitably deliver advanced high- speed managed services to enterprises. These include:

    •  An extensive set of enterprise secure Cloud access, VPN and service capabilities, paving the way for rich, tailored managed service offers.
    •  A compact and reliable, yet powerful design, optimized to handle high-volume concurrent services, scalable and at fiber speeds, straight out of the box.  Together this offers service providers significantly greater cost efficiency compared to alternative enterprise routing solutions.
    •  A unique choice in configuring the platforms to optimize between high performance levels and a larger number of  application delivery options.

Our line-up of high-performance, Gigabit Enterprise multi-service routers debuts with the ONE1560, followed by the ONE2510. They handle performance levels for concurrent services of 200Mb/s and 500 Mb/s respectively. They will soon be complemented by the ONE2540 offering full-duplex Gbps performance for rich, extensible services.


Ultra-compact, high-performance Gigabit router designed to serve from medium businesses to small headquarters, powered by multi-core forwarding.


10 Gigabit Enterprise Router for Headquarters and Data centers